This month’s blog feature is a very special woman — Ana Hazard, the Director of the Healing Ministry of Divine Mercy. Ana joined us for a heartfelt Q & A regarding her introduction to Brother Paul Miller, her current role, and the ministry’s mission. Read on to learn about her remarkable and inspiring story.

1) Hi Ana, how did you become involved with the NJ Center for Divine Mercy and what led you to begin working with Brother Paul for his Healing Ministry of Divine Mercy?

The events that led me to Brother Paul happened over 12 years ago, May 2004. My husband and I have an only child- Daniel. At the time he was 17 yrs old and had constant back pain which affected all aspects of his life. To our dismay, imaging showed 2 herniated discs and options like surgery and dangerous spinal injections seemed like the only path after months of unsuccessful physical therapy.


At a social gathering, a dear friend asked me: Have you ever heard of Maria Esperanza?
I replied, Yes! Yes, I know of her, of her many spiritual gifts! I told her that many hispanics like me, knew of María Esperanza and since the early 90’s I knew about her. She was referring to Servant of God María Esperanza, the mystic and main visionary of the Church approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Betania, Venezuela. Then she told me that María Esperanza’s spiritual son, Paul Miller, had the gift of healing and conducted healing services at St. Ann’s church in Newark, NJ. Our son was spontaneously healed at a healing service in May 2004.


I didn’t see Br Paul again until September 2005 when I went to St Ann’s Soup Kitchen seeking his spiritual counsel. At that time, Br Paul was in the kitchen every Wednesday, cooking, serving and managing the kitchen. Because I wanted to talk to him and be with him, I committed to serving at St Ann’s every Wednesday.


After a trip with Br Paul to Betania, Venezuela in August 2006, God made it clear that His purpose for me was to assist Br Paul in his mission. From that trip forward, I became his assistant.

2) What is your role as the Director of the Healing Ministry of Divine Mercy?
I have the usual assistant role…managing his calendar, fielding healing services requests and arranging his travel. More importantly, many contact me with prayer request which I forward to him. When appropriate, I accompany him when he visits the sick and dying. During his healing services, my job is to effectively manage the line of people that want to be touched by Br Paul and have him pray for their healing.


3) Do you (and Brother Paul) envision the Healing Ministry expanding in the future? In what ways?
Yes, we do.
Many seek out Br Paul because they want healing, but his real gift it’s to bring us closer to God. All healing comes from God, and when granted through Br Paul’s intercessory prayer, it’s temporary because ultimately our bodies are mortal. Br Paul’s mission is to teach us about God, His mercy and unconditional & eternal love for each and every human being.
Because we live in the Internet era, his message has moved online and his website has helped disseminate it across the globe. This is God’s plan for our world at this time.


4) What advice would you give to people who have never attended a healing service but would like to?
All are welcome and come with “Expectant Faith” because God will give each and every one of us that which in His wisdom and perfect love it’s the best for us.


5) How can interested people help the Healing Ministry to fulfill its mission?
With prayer. Pray incessantly for our world, especially for peace. Pray for each other. Pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Pray the Rosary. Most especially pray daily the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the redemption of humankind. Pray for Br Paul, that he overcomes the world and fulfills his mission of saving souls for all Eternity.


Thank you, Ana! Your hard work and dedication offer comfort and hope to so many!

Note: In the photo, Ana is pictured with Anthony Ditri, a former soup kitchen Wednesday team volunteer. Anthony served into his 90’s! Ana tracked him down to a rehab facility in South Jersey after she stopped seeing him at Sunday mass. After a fall, Anthony realized he could no longer live alone in his apartment in Verona. He now lives at an assisted living place near his family. Brother Paul took this picture when they visited him.