Hi, James! When did you first start coming to the soup kitchen?
Six years ago

How has Franciscan Charities been able to help you?
Franciscan Charities helped me the moment I walked in the soup kitchen doors. Initially I walked in for a meal, however, I found more than just food. Shortly after arriving I met Larry and we discussed my personal problems that were occurring in my life. ( More than I could bear.) Then I started helping at the food pantry at St. Rocco’s and that is when I met Brother Paul and some of the other client volunteer/workers.  Eventually I met Dan and he was a big help in dealing with my troubles.  I volunteered more and more and this helped me become more focused and gave me a sense of security.

How have you seen the charity help others?
Same way it helped me. If you open yourself up and surround your self with positive people good things will happen.

You’re the “official” Soup Kitchen Greeter, how do you like your role of welcoming people each day?
A lot of people stop and ask about Franciscan Charities and it is great for me to greet and guide people in a positive direction and give them hope.

What are some of your favorite meals served by Chef Jon and Chef Ronny?
Everything!  But if I was to name a few it would be their meatloaf, ribs, corn pudding, and chef pie.

Thank you, James!